The San Antonio Project, is 100% grass root generated by MSA. This is prime ground that an early mover like MSA exploring Deseado Massif could identify and claim, now an Area of Special Mining Interest delineated by the government of Santa Cruz.
The project consists of mineral rights totaling an area of 17,990 has, made up of the San Antonio granted claim (cateo) and Santa Maria claim, registered but not granted yet, and three mining claims (Manifestación de descubrimiento or MDs) San Antonio I ( 2,995 ha), II (2,500) and III (2,495). All of them claimed within the area of San Antonio claim (cateo) but not granted yet.

It is located half way between city of Gobernador Gregores and Pico Truncado, Santa Cruz province, 60 km away from Cerro Vanguardia (Anglogold –Ashanti) and 5 kms away from Pinguino Project (Argentex). Excellent access, climate and physiographic, it is workable all year round.

The geological model is a typical epithermal system with clear geothermal features characterizing a “hot spring” hosted on the Chon-Aike formation (Jurassic age).

Rock sampling through up to 0.5 g/t Au, plus significant values on path finders like As (1,011 ppm), Hg (20,700 ppm), Mn (1,472 ppm) anomalies.

MSA plan to continue exploring the property, particularly the three geophysical targets already identified (i) Distal conductive NW trend (4,5 km x 700m ), following the same strike as Vanguardia (ii) Resistivity body ; and (iii) Potential “feeder” at depth.

Circular structure alternates both resistivity and conducted bodies are to be prospected.

All geological features point out to a not eroded system.